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Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning

Dirt, stains, hair, grease? Those are just a few items that hover at the surface where you can see them. What about the ones you can’t see?  Your carpet is the biggest air filter in your home. Pollutants in the air, filter through your carpet. The carpet traps them so you don‘t breath them over and over.  But what happens when your carpet filter gets full?  Your family starts breathing dust mite debris, pollen, pollutants, fungus, bacteria and a long list of other really gross stuff.  Once your carpets natural filtering ability gets full, it’s time for a thorough cleaning for your family’s health. Is the air in your home starting to smell stale? It’s time for Chattanooga carpet cleaning!

Clean every six months and you will breathe easier. EnviroSpec has become pro’s at Chattanooga carpet cleaning, serving the Tennessee Valley since 2000. We specialize in removing these issues, leaving you a healthier, safer environment to live and work in. From carpet cleaning to tile cleaning to upholstery and mattress cleaning, EnviroSpec and Carpet Cleaning Chattanooga have you covered!

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