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Carpet Cleaning Chattanooga – Football Season!

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Football season is among us! Now’s the time to get your carpet cleaning Chattanooga, in preparation for the season!

With football season coming once a year, the home where your family lives may be dirtier than you think. Local carpet cleaning service providers know that dust mites can live happily in your carpet, with about 2,000 on one ounce of carpet dust. This may not seem like a major issue, but there is much more danger in your carpets than simple dust mites.

Carpets are ideal homes for mold, mildew, yeasts and bacteria (e-coli) that are nurtured by moisture, chemicals, liquids, crumbs and other spills in your home. Smaller rugs may not be as homely for germs, but wall-to-wall carpeting is much less healthier. These carpets are a filter for your home that traps soils, gases and human or animal dander.

The virus that causes the stomach flu, Norovirus, can even survive on an uncleaned carpet for a month or more. Your family is at risk, but local carpet cleaning service providers are here to help you beat the mess and keep your home healthy.

Hire a licensed carpet cleaner today and fight back against the germs. It is recommended that carpets should be professionally cleaned, at minimum, every 12 to 18 months. Even if you have new carpeting, professional carpet cleaning can help against chemical emissions from these new carpets, which is often is overlooked by homeowners.

Quality carpet cleaning will help fight against bacteria and the 1.5 million skin flakes that are embedded into your carper per hour. Each and every year, several pounds of soil can accumulate underneath carpeting, but even cheap carpet cleaning can solve that issue. Make your sure your home is safe and healthy by calling EnviroSpec today and finding the carpet cleaning solution that works best for you. Your carpets will thank you.

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